15 Secrets Your Mechanic Will Never Share With You

A modern driver has to be aware of all the ways he or she can save money – and mechanics won’t be the ones spilling the beans.

When our automobile gives us any signs of trouble, we’re likely to go searching for a local repair shop or mechanic we can trust who will take care of our vehicles. Due to popular demand, almost 750,000 auto mechanics now spend long shifts fixing and trying to diagnose our vehicle problems.

Countless people have suffered direly from mechanics who welcomed their cars with open arms only to strip the engine and discover that they could not fix whatever had caused the red light to start blinking in the first place.

Auto mechanics understand that our vehicles are a major investment to us and have taken the initiative in trying to offer every service possible – even window-washing it just so they can strip us of our hard-earned cash.

A modern driver has to be aware of all the ways he can save money. Here are 15 secrets your mechanic will never share with you. CONTINUE READING

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